An alternative IT business: YouCloudIT

The approach of YouCloudIT is to help the everyday challenges businesses face. The solutions and support we provide underpins the pressures of:

• Increasing revenue
• Growth in profits
• Reducing spend
• Reducing risk
• Improving efficiencies
• Compliance and peace of mind

If we can support all of this with the solutions provided, we’re on track! We don’t talk tech and IT jargon who cares about that?, we focus on business challenges and aspirations.

Cybercrime is not just a threat for big businesses. Any business that uses a connected computer/laptop or device is a target.

Having worked in Enterprise businesses, and seen them get all the BENEFITS of moving to the cloud, the gap between small/medium business and Enterprise is growing and that is not fair. We founded YouCloudIT with a fundamental belief that these BENEFITS should be available to all businesses, regardless of size.

YCI have a clear purpose: To help businesses stay safe from cybercrime. Assist and actually realise the benefits of cloud technology which is accessible to all businesses so stay relevant, survive and thrive.

What we do in 4 simple steps:
1. Understand your business needs, pains, issues and goals.
2. Compare products
3. Recommend what's best for your business
4. Crucially, implement to ensure the benefits are realised.

At this point we just don't sell products and disappear, we become the trusted advisor for the long term.

Q. Are we aware of any businesses that would like to:

//Keep company data (key company asset) safe
//Keep customer data safe
//Avoid cyber crime attack
//Save Time
//Save money
//Be productive, agile & collaborate
//Work smarter
//Be compliant
//Work from anywhere on any device
//Better work life balance, create a great place to work
//Attract the best talent
//Always up to date
//Stay relevant in the digital age

A. Yes!

We want to help all SME businesses by MAKING CLOUD SIMPLE

Relax and let YCI help your business or a business you know